Docum=entation, #5… 7:22pm „,4/19/14

whoa. i feel so good. i tend to be really obnxosious when ium high and i always annoy my friends. i think thats because unlike most people that take non psychotropic meds, i get very energized but heavy and lazy, and i act ;like a psychoitic 10 year old.. does anyone have esxperiecne witrh that? or a reason.,

Documentation #2: 9:21/4/11/14

oh my god, so i was reading my blog post and i was thinking; hey! i should document all of my experiences of when im high, and do something with it! like make a documentary of how marijuana is so good for you… im going to tag these with like a blacklist tag so if you dont wanna hear about it ill tag it “nickspace” ahha get it! nick space, nicks pace!!! omg birlliant

Documentation #1: Instance: 9:14/4.11.14

is this what being dead is like?
lucky is breathing heavily
i am listening to mumford and sons.There’s some demonic hymns in it. Wow, he started singing really slowly.
N9ow he;s fast. oh whoa. i meant to say wow. oops
i will wait, ah my fingers feel good, for you
my eeeeyyyyyyessss
hold on, lemme take a selfie
oh my god, rush of.. sex in my veins. oh yeah, you go, heart and blood. boo ya.

i just thought of this great idea, in my fuzzy head, wowwww… um, in my head. this idea, to blog or document myself WHILE im high. now heres a thing, friends. mom grounded me for smoking. she “confiscated:” my leftovers. but, ihave a whole dime left.

my eyes are soooo in my head. wow, that is so weird. humans are weird. wow, i can feel myself thinking, in my head. thatr’s great.

lucky„„ shhhhh, my foot is stepping on the pedal., the metal, the food is sooo warmmmmmmmm and my keyboard sounds like the somng

oh, its just regina spek—- WHOA my leg is numbn!!!!

,my foot is orgasming, wow i feel so mellow but im in my ,mind. oh my god, the dots in the corner ar emORNINV


okay im gfonna post this and see what happens next

Another 4am on a chilled Monday morning spent with canine companions, goosebumps, and a tired heart.